Lala Hulse



  BBEdit Pro, Dreamweaver, CVS, Digital Impact, EmailLabs, Silverpop, Ecometry, WordPress
  Photoshop, Imageready, Illustrator, Quark Xpress, Adobe InDesign, traditional media
  Reason, ProTools


  HTML, DHTML, CSS, Javascript, Perl, Redback, PHP


  Macintosh, Windows, Unix


Open Enterprises/Good Vibrations

Web Developer - Note: this site contains adult material some may find offensive. HTML code is also offensively table-based.
  • Maintain online store, company magazine and blogs for popular retailer
  • Work with third-party backend provider to identify and solve usability issues
  • Implemented bug and task tracking system for web team
  • Coded html email blasts. Developed email templates

Web Developer
  • Web Developer for redesign and launch of a large commercial information and ecommerce web site
  • Helped rebuild a dynamic, standards-compliant web site using a proprietary Content Management System
  • Wrote detailed specifications for html/css elements for use by engineers for use in building the proprietary CMS
  • Handled day-to-day maintenance, troubleshooting and development of AllBusiness and partner sites
  • Built multiple AllBusiness cobrand sites utilizing standards-compliant html, css and proprietary content management system
  • Coded and released html email blasts using Silverpop. Developed email templates for editorial department

Marketing email design and development - contract
  • Designed marketing emails for real estate and auto sales clients
  • Wrote html and developed templates for frequent emails
  • Scheduled and released emails using EmailLabs

Ogilvie One

HTML and production - contract
  • HTML web development for marketing emails for from mockups
  • Developed internal web pages using html and css

World Savings Bank

HTML and print production - contract
  • Developed HTML for for marketing emails from art director mockups, with a priority on minimizing file weights
  • Did troubleshooting and helped develop workflow for email marketing software that was new to the company
  • Performed preproduction for 2 and 4 color print jobs

Cost Plus World Market

Web Production - contract
  • Assisted launch of online store for a large national retailer
  • Managed very large volume (<10k) of images for the site without software
  • Performed photoshop production work (cropping, color balancing and knockouts), as well supervising other production artists in their work

St Francis Medical Technology

Web Developer - contract,
  • Redesigned and developed corporate web site for small medical technology company, prioritizing accessibility and improving load time and scalability
  • Responsible for documentation of changes to site in compliance with FDA regulations for medical products
  • Designed and developed content-rich medical information site

Rockstar Software (now called Aranova)

Software QA Tester
  • Tested multiple iterations of proprietary Windows IE based software
  • Documented and retested bugs
  • Followed test plans and protocols
  • Reviewed underlying XML

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Ad Operations Web Developer
February 1999 - March 2002
  • Modified HTML creatives with custom tracking codes for use with Engage's Accipiter
  • Managed development and maintenance of Looksmart Centers
  • Technical liaison for sales reps and clients
  • Coordinated with interdepartmental teams to implement and create new ad products
  • Created mock-ups for Advertising Sales
  • Rolled out new media ads (iframe and flash) across syndicates
  • Supervised quality assurance and testing for Rev Ops technical team
  • Maintained and managed ad related server configuration files
  • Trained new Operations employees in html ad technology and procedure
  • Trained and managed associate web developer

Luna Sea Women's Performance Project

Calendar and Advertising Coordinator
1996 - 1999
  • Managed production and design of print calendar
  • Created and maintained website
  • Co-wrote successful grant for advertising funds
  • Designed print advertising


Production Assistant
  • Creation and optimization of web graphics from print and web media
  • Selected daily featured web sites and wrote blurb for each

other experience

Professional Musician
  • I play banjo and lap steel guitar in country band The Whoreshoes. We recently released a cd and did a wee tour of Belgium and Holland. It was a blast.
  • Performed, recorded and toured with Cypher In The Snow
Other Audio Experience
  • Assist with live sound and recording for Rigpa Fellowship, using a variety of analog and digital media, including ProTools
  • Acted in the short films Two Wmn and Lulu's Big Date
    Actually, I'm not an actor at all, but I was in these movies anyway

I have also been a...

...picture framer, collectible poster gallery manager, professional street musician, answering service operator, administrative assistant, telemarketer, jewelry and bead making salesperson, salad chef, college radio music director and dj, fine art supply salesperson, canvasser, receptionist, usher and amusement park merry-go-round operator. I have never been a professional clown (circus or rodeo).


University of Idaho College of Fine Arts 1986-1989
University of Idaho Honors Program

UC Berkeley Extension Program Spring 2002 - Perl programming
Laney College Spring 2001 - Internet scripting (Javascript)