Note: This documentation is a work in progress. If you see an error or typo, or would like to contribute to the documentation, let me know. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, post them in the tasks Yahoo! Group.
Table of Contents
Installing tasks
Installation Troubleshooting
Database Settings (database.php)
Create a Database Table
Options and Settings (config.php)
Configuring PHP iCalendar
Upgrading from a previous version
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Task?
What is a Sticky Task?
How can I receive a daily e-mail of my current tasks?
How do I subscribe to my tasks iCalendar?
How do I change the order tasks are sorted in on the home page?
What is the best way to quickly enter a bunch of tasks?
Can I run multiple installs of tasks in one database?
Does tasks support multiple users?
How do I use the mobile/PDA version?
How do I translate tasks into my language?
Why does the page flicker with IE on a Mac?
What is the HTML Tags toolbar for?
PHP iCalendar and 401 (.htaccess) Authentication
Why does the Calendar open in a new window?
Why won't the Calendar open?
Why aren't deleted tasks removed from the database?
Do you plan to support Recurring Tasks?
Why doesn't tasks have categories?
Why am I getting a 'session_start()' error?
How do I know if there is a new version of tasks?
What is b2 and why would I want to post to it?
What is WordPress and why would I want to post to it?
What is Moveable Type and why would I want to post to it?
This software is great, how can I give you money?

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