Lala Hulse

Web Development

St. Francis Medical Technology homepage
The project at St. Francis was to redesign their existing site - the old site had a claustrophobic visual design, and login requirements created a lot of barriers that prevented the user from accessing information that the client wanted to present. Although they have some very computer literate people working there, the WYSIWYG generated code made their .asp pages extremely difficult for a human to read, so they weren't able to make simple updates on their own. The complex tables of the old site also made the pages very slow to load, creating yet another obstacle for the user.
The new site had a clean, wide open design that worked well on any size monitor. Through the use of .asp includes and CSS, the pages were greatly simplified, reducing load times and making updates much easier. CSS also replaced a lot of dynamic stuff that was done with javascript and multiple images, again, reducing page load times.